Who we are

At Cheat Meal Healthy Lifestyle, we believe that mealtime should be enjoyable, delicious and healthy. As dietitians, we have seen many clients struggling to reach their goals because they simply do not have time. If you have a busy lifestyle or you are foreseeing a busy week ahead, cheat meal is here to help. Our dietitians and chefs have been working closely to ensure that all meals are healthy and full of flavour. We use high quality ingredients and deliver your meals the day they are prepared. We offer a variety of meals and emphasize vegetables and fruits, high quality meats and alternatives and complex carbohydrates. We also offer snacks for those who need the extra energy! If you require a personalized plan, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your nutrition requirements.

Stephanie Aboueid
Stephanie Aboueid, RD, MSc

Stephanie Aboueid Stephanie Aboueid

Brian began his Canadian career at Oliver's Bistro in Toronto in 1987 followed by a position at Mark McEwan's prestigious North 44 as executive chef. In 1999 Chef Vallipuram ventured out on his own to open Axcess Restaurant which was recognized at one of Toronto's top ten fine dining restaurants and won Vallipuram many Canadian Fine Food Awards. He also assumed a position as executive chef at Grill 41 Restaurant located at the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa. His wealth of experience in various restaurants allows Brian to introduce unique tastes and cultures to Cheat Meal’s menu.

Brian Vallipuram, Executive chef
Brian Vallipuram, Executive chef

Our Mission

Combine evidence-based nutrition and the art of cuisine to craft a delicious and personalized meal plan.

Our Vision & Values

  • Crafting nutrient-dense meals without compromising taste.
  • Supporting and collaborating with local farms and businesses.
  • Delivering healthy meals to meet your nutritional requirements and satisfy your taste buds.